Office Girls in Peril starring Charlotte Stokely and Star

Two of our most beautiful models ever try to escape from bondage in this hot scene. The girls were working when the office was robbed. In their sexy business skirts and nylons, they find themselves tied back to back on a bed. They’re exhausted and barely move. When they realize the bad guys are gone, they start to struggle. They try very hard to communicate through their gags (a real treat for fans of gag-talk). They manage to slip free of the rope tying them together which makes it easier for them to try to free each other. They slide their shoes off and try to use their sweaty stockinged feet to get each other’s gags off. It’s no use. They hop into the living room where, with great difficulty, they get themselves untied and escape. A few seconds of outtakes are included.

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The scene is 15 minutes. The photo set has 47 photos.
Available in MP4 HD 1280×640.

Terrorized Trio starring Celeste Star, Charlotte Stokely and Star

Three of our most beautiful and talented actresses star in this thrilling damsel scene! Star and Charlotte are locked in a dark closet. They talk about how they met a guy at a bar. When they went to his house, he took their friend Celeste to another room and locked them in the closet. The door opens and Celeste is pushed in. She tells her friends that they’re being held for ransom…the kidnapper wants money from their wealthy employer. She tells them that the guy plans to bind and gag them. The girls are terrified when the guy returns and marches them to another room. He forces Celeste to tie up Charlotte while he binds Star.Celeste is then ordered to gag Charlotte. Despite their pleading, all three girls end up securely bound and gagged. Left alone, they struggle hard. Sliding their shoes off, they try to use their bare feet to remove each other’s gags. They whimper in fear when they overhear their captors talking about what to do with them. The creeps decide to leave them tied up at a remote location where no one will find them. With their mouths taped, the poor girls are pushed into a small laundry room and ordered to strip naked. Reluctantly, they do as they’re told. The girls are securely bound and the kidnapper cruelly leaves them there. They struggle and whimper but it is hopeless. The excellent outtakes contain lots of hot footage of the girls being bound and joking around between takes.

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The scene is 30 minutes. The photo set has 91 photos.
Available in MP4 HD 1280×680.




The Feisty Reporter starring Chrissy Marie

We’re extremely happy to have Chrissy Marie on our site! With her stunning eyes and smile and her killer body, she is one of the most beautiful models we’ve every shot. And she gives an excellent performance in this dramatic scene! Chrissy is a reporter investigating a modeling agency. She talks to creepy Tim who seems very suspicious. When he steps out, she starts snooping around. But Tim catches her and ties her up. Chrissy puts up a good fight but Tim is too strong and soon she is tightly bound. Despite her complaints, he packs her mouth and gags her. Left alone, Chrissy struggles. Her perfect body looks amazing in her tight black dress as she squirms around. Removing her sexy shoes, she hops around, trying to find a way to free herself. Unable to keep her balance, she gets on the floor and squirms over to a phone. She uses her toes to call someone but her pleas are muffled by her gag. She’s horrified when Tim catches her and carries her away. Now untied, Chrissy is ordered to strip naked. Still defiant, she refuses but has no choice when Tim threatens her. She stands there naked and humiliated, pleading not to be bound. She ends up securely tied, standing on some books. After more pleading, she is gagged with packing and a cloth pulled between her teeth. She struggles and whimpers pitifully. Tim returns, talking on the phone. He tells his associate about Chrissy and how he plans to sell her into slavery. The associate will come to pick her up, but not for two days. So, Tim decides to leave Chrissy there. He pulls the books out from under her feet, forcing her to stand on her toes while she awaits her terrible fate. The exciting outtakes feature footage of Chrissy being bound and joking around between scenes.

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The scene is 30 minutes. The outtakes are 7 minutes. HD 1280×720. The photo set has 80 photos.

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